Welcome to AIRIA VENTILATION AB! We are a family-owned company based in Sweden but with one of our offices in Brussels. In Sweden, our main office is in Gothenburg and the other one in Stockholm. We both manufacture and provide our distributors and resellers with high-quality ventilation products. Our products do mainly consist of different types of valves, but also of dampers, grills, and various accessories.

Products for different environments

The wide range of products that we at AIRIA VENTILATION AB offer are made for use in different types of environments and premises. No matter whether you need ventilation products for your home, for your office, or for an industry, we can therefore supply you with this. All you need to do is to contact us and tell us of your requirements, then we will handle the rest.

Our main office

We at AIRIA VENTILATION AB have our main office at Föreningsgatan 4A in Gothenburg, the second biggest city of Sweden. As previously mentioned, we also have an office in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, and one in the Belgian capital of Brussels.