A ventilation air valve for every need

Whatever type of ventilation air valve that you need, you can rest assured that you will find it in our assortment. This includes different types of exhaust air valves, supply air valves, and fresh air valves.

Exhaust air valves use a rotating central disc to regulate the air supply in a ventilation system. Supply air valves are used to discharge small air volumes. Fresh air valves are mainly used in residences that lack access to mechanical supply air. These air valves in most cases function with a mechanical exhaust unit. It replaces the exhaust air through the fresh air valve.

Different models

Not only do we offer different types of ventilation air valves, but these also come in different models. When it comes to our exhaust air valves, you can choose between the models OPF, OPK, and OPF Steel. Our supply air valves consist of the models OPT, OPTR 100, and OPT Steel. For our fresh air valves, the only model current available is Freshairvalve 400 – 450.

All these different models have their own unique features. It is up to you to choose which one that suits your needs the best.

Our other products

Amongst our products, you can also find other types of valves. This includes thermostat valves, motor-driven valves, and window valves. We also offer dampers, various types of accessories, and grills.


Whatever type of ventilation products that you are interested in, we can supply you with this. Does this sound interesting to you? Then do not hesitate to contact us today. We are looking forward to hearing from you!