Ventilation products is our specialty

We offer a wide range of services in relation to ventilation products. Some of the services that we offer include the ones below.


Manufacturing of ventilation products

We manufacture various types of ventilation products. This includes several different types of ventilation air valves, other valves, grills, and accessories. Whatever type of ventilation product that you need, we can manufacture it for you.


Supplying ventilation products

The same ventilation products that we are manufacturing we are also supplying. We do this to our distributors and resellers, both in Sweden, other parts of Europe, and Asia. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to become a distributor or reseller of our products.


Air valves

One of the types of ventilation products that we specialize in is air valves. No matter whether you are interested in exhaust air valves, supply air valves, or fresh air valves, we can manufacture and supply you with this. Our assortment also includes thermostat valves, motor-driven valves, and window valves.



We also have a wide range of accessories including mounting frames, mounting frames with rubber gaskets, and foam rings.